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Let´s talk

Dominic Heilig, is a German author and freelance journalist. He lives in Berlin.

Dominic Heilig was born in Berlin (former GDR) on the 14th of august in 1978. He passed his a-level-exam at the “Pestalozzi-Gymnasium Berlin-Hohenschönhausen” in 1998 . After school he worked as press-spokesman during his alternative civilian service with the “Internationalen Malteser Hilfsdienst” in Berlin.

In 1999 Dominic began his studies of political science and European studies at the university of Potsdam. He specialized in the area Europe and the institutional structure of the European Union and finished his studies with a degree dissertation regarding the “Europeanization of german political parties between 1994 and 2004“.

Already during his studies he worked as a freelance journalist for a German newspaper and also worked for the committee of “Family, Women, Elderly, Sports and Youth” at the German Bundestag. Through his work he started to be engaged in German politics. Dominic came in contact with the “Party of democratic Socialism (PDS)” and started to work for the vice-president of the German Bundestag, Mrs. Petra Pau (MP). During the nationwide elections in 2002 he switched over to the headquarter of the PDS managing the electoral campaign for the youth organization of his party. After the elections he stayed at the headquarters of the PDS and worked as consultant for education policies and student work.

In 2004 he went to Brussels to work as head of office for the new-founded European Left Party (EL). After two years he returned to Berlin and started to work as scientific officer and head of office with Jan Korte (MP) at the German Bundestag. 2009 Dominic Heilig started to work as the coordinator of the working group “Democracy, Knowledge and Culture” of the parliamentary group of the Left Party (DIE LINKE). Since 2016 he is working as the advisor to the board of the parliamentary group of the Left Partei in the Bundestag.

Beside his work in the parliament he is constantly working as an author and freelance journalist for a variety of German newspapers, magazines and a political foundation.

Since March, 2016 he is the editor of the Info-Webpage „Linke in Europa“, which provides several information about left parties in Europe. He also published an App for iOS and Android.


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/id1098480226

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Tobit.android.Slitte7241409256

In 2011, he published, together with Jan Korte, his last book “Kriegsverrat – Vergangenheitspolitik in Deutschland”, regarding the rehabilitation of so-called deserters of the German Wehrmacht. In 2015, he published his last big study about the radical left in Europe „Mapping the European Left“ for the Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation in New York.

In addition he is member of the executive board of the Left Party (DIE LINKE) in Germany, elected again in May, 2016.

You can contact Dominic Heilig via e-mail (domheilig@googlemail.com) or you can follow him on twitter, unter www.twitter.com/domheilig